Friday, May 06, 2005

internet - Google Web accelerator beats nanny too

(Also at BNN)
Google has introduced a new tool to increase the usage of your internet connection, the Web Accelerator. It does allow Google to peek at what you are doing and even change what you see, so be aware of that possible danger. I do not care about that very much but had not installed the feature because I use maxthon as a browser, much more efficient than Microsoft's IE and less open for attacks too.
But a reader of this weblog suggested that in combination with IE Google's new tool would also beat the internet censor. Well, that was enough encouragement for me to have a try. Indeed, the web accelerator helps to beat our internet nanny, at least I got to the BBC news services very easy. I do not think that Google wanted to bring down the firewall (as far as it still is in place with so many proxies around) but they effectively did.

Update I: I have done some more testing and the results are less coherent than I hoped for. While the news site of the BBC is available, the Google News site is not available in this way and also some other blocked IP addresses I cannot access. Any other results out there?
Update II: With the exception of Google news, all other 'blocked' website I can see thanks to the web accelerator: Amnesty International, the blogspot-weblogs, seems the system is basically working as a proxy to avoid the firewall.

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