Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lang Xianping

media - A talkshow host hits back

Economist Lang Xianping had for a long time the most popular talkshow on TV in Shanghai until he was sacked because his mandarin did not meet the official standards. Lang was popular because he told his audience the truth about finance, corruption and the people who were involved, a unique take in Chinese TV.
After the dismissal of Shanghai's party secretary Chen Liangyu, Lang is heading for a come back, Asian media report.
Lang points now at Chen at the bad guy, pulling the plug on his show:
One of the episodes in his special three-part series was to tackle investment manager and non-executive director of state-run giant Shanghai Electric Group, Zhang Rongkun, who was detained last month for his role in the pension scandal.
"Zhang was my target because we wanted to know how this man had so much money to be able to build two highways," said Lang.
"At the time, I did not know about Chen."
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