Monday, June 11, 2007

Yahoo and free speech

I'm quite sure that it is about time that Yahoo and China Yahoo (or is it still Yahoo China?) hould talk to each other again, since I'm convinced that Jack Ma, who runs their China operations might have some misgivings about Yahoo's latest moves.
In short, when Yahoo China was not yet sold to Jack it helped the Chinese authorities to jail journalist Shi Tao for ten years. Then it sold most of its China operation to Jack Ma and tried to ignore accusations that they helped in jail a Chinese journalist.
Now, obvious that is no longer possible now Shi and others are suing Yahoo in the US. This is their latest:
"Yahoo is dismayed that citizens in China have been imprisoned for expressing their political views on the Internet," the company said in the statement faxed to The Associated Press, which asked Yahoo to comment on Shi's lawsuit.
Well, we were dismayed already quite some time before Yahoo was asked to defend itself in a US court. It just does not fit. I'm again dismayed and wonder how sincere Yahoo is now.

Update: I was already wondering why Yahoo wanted to cause trouble by themselves. But their shareholders are meeting on Tuesday and that could cause drama, say some.
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