Sunday, April 27, 2008

Carrefour boycott in the news

Young Man Protests Chinese Governmentby Tony the Misfit via FlickrAn overview of the current news on the boycott actions in China regarding Carrefour and other French companies and products, officially announced for May 1:

China' state-owned media
Carrefour cancels May Day sales, ads following China protests, Xinhua 25/4/2008
Carrefour to scrap sale in face of boycott threat, 26/4/2008
Carrefour cancels May promotions, Shanghai Daily 27/4/2008

Foreign media
Manage that anger, The Economist 24/4/2008
EU chief opposes boycott of supermarket chain Carrefour, Macau Daily Times 25/4/2008
European business officials warn China over consequences of boycott, AP 25/4/2008
On China visit, former French prime minister criticizes Paris honor for Dalai Lama, AP 24/4/2008

Weblogs 26/4/2008 (a random selection)
Carrefour readies PR response to China, Asia Media
Looking at the sides, Stupid Pig's China Blog
France makes reconciliation efforts but German's attitude stinks, Awakening China
Tibet, trade and consumer nationalism, A fistful of Euros
QQ@A: Han Han holds hope, Lost Laowai
My lost patriotism, Santa Rex
A Visit to Carrefour, Mao Mix
Patriotism, Shumi

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