media – Bloggers not happy after BBC-interview

Wang Jianshuo was interviewed by the BBC after the cnbloggercon and less than happy about (my words) their biased take on the internet in China, he reports on his blog. He mentions another incident concerning cnbloggercon-organizer Isaac Mao with the BBC too.

Not surprisingly, she asked about censorship again. I have formed a formula that BBC interview = censorship question interview… Actually, I am not comfortable that my words were taken out of the context to support another view that I don’t agree.

It is a story about how western media frame the China-story, a topic that is important but hard to write about, since it involves on all sides assumptions that are hard to challenge. As more Chinese, who are not necessary government officials, get into the phonebook of western media, that item might become more problematic.

Update: Mark Sandell, the editor of the BBC program involved reacts in the comments:

it would be daft if we were to totally ignore the question of censorship but that was one element; not the whole thing.We have in the short life of this programme discussed censorship of blogs in Egypt,Syria and yes, the USA. It’s not like we save the question only for China. Anyway, have a listen and then have a go!

I think he is missing the point Wang Jianshuo makes.

Update: The discussion is further developing at the comment section of Wang Jianshuo’s site.